Kristina Mah, Luke Hespanhol and Lian Loke. 2020. Turn Inward: Co-Designing for Self-Transformation Using Immersive Design Fiction. Accepted to the workshop "Communicate, Critique and Co-create (CCC) Future Technologies through Design Fictions in VR Environment", The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS'20), Eindhoven, Netherlands. 
The pursuit of happiness can be viewed as a process of self-transformation. In Buddhist philosophy, the process of cultivating happiness has been described as an antidote to suffering and is underpinned by practices that support and encourage people to turn their attention and awareness inward. This is a process of familiarisation, investigation and analysis of one’s inner landscape. In this paper, we present our speculative concept, Turn Inward, that uses immersive design fiction to co-create technologies for self-transformation. We then discuss the implications of prototyping with immersive technologies to enable participants to explore and interact with the embodiment of their fully realised mental landscape free from suffering –their ‘Buddha-mind’. We conclude by considering how our approach of engaging with and embodying our Buddha-mind as designers and users could impact design research and practice.
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