There are times when we feel the breath taken out of us. In these moments, our emotions and thoughts can set off a visceral response in the body, an understanding of the gravity of a moment, perhaps a chance to shed something we have been holding for some time. 
This score is a record of one such moment. It is a response to the concept of “farewell”. It is an ode to releasing, purifying, and grief. The retelling of the memory creates a spontaneous portal to extend care to that tender part now of another realm. 
“The wound is where the light enters you” (Rumi). 
If you agree, I invite you to return to a moment when you felt the ground holding your mind shift beneath you. Allow yourself to go back to just before the moment. 
What did you see? 
What did you hear?
Where was your body?
What happened next?
How does it start?
Where does it go? 
Take a moment to connect with this process.
Now that you are acquainted with it, wrap it up and keep it somewhere safe. 
"Shift" by Kristina Mah, was created during the Presence of Mind Digital Residency and Exhibition. 
It was first exhibited at Gallery Lane Cove, 10 December 2021– 26 February 2022. 
Video and animation. 
Original Soundtrack. 
Video footage credited to Creative Commons – Prelinger Archives.
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