Oro (2024)
Steel wire, paper, crystal, cotton, river stones, LED lighting, PVA, water.
I'm delighted to tell you about 'Oro', my recently installed public artwork that is currently resting at Court House Reserve close to the Bryan Brown Theatre at Canterbury-Bankstown Council. Huge appreciation to Rachael Kiang and Bankstown Arts Centre for commissioning the work for Hyperreal Amble as part of Bankstown's Culture Alive Art Walk.
'Oro' embodies the eternal process of inner alchemy – digesting ourselves and our self-concepts. A serpent lays on a heap of stones digesting. She has swallowed a broken vase and devours her own tail. She has taken on shards of the vase as her skin.
On the park next to the Bankstown Courthouse, this work is about looking into the darkness and working with ourselves and with all that we think is broken. We realise that we are caught in a messy and nonlinear process happening within. We move between dark and light, motion and stillness, yin and yang. By challenging our inner paradoxes, shedding what doesn’t serve and accepting all that is, we transform our inner gold.
We are in an eternal cycle of destruction, rebirth and alchemy.
Everything is workable.
Everything is part of the process.
This incarnation of Oro will be alive until March 3, 2024.
Artist: Kristina Mah
Production specialist: Majella Beck
Special Thanks:
Thank you to The Metal Space for a primo energy making space. 
An unexpected turn in the making of the work was recruiting friends to weave parts of the skin. Weaving together charged this work to be more than a personal journey, becoming intertwined with each other through listening to stories and discovering how we are more alike than dissimilar.

Thank you to the dear weaving circles that came together for this creation.
Xinyan, Charmaine , Rob , Zenus, Natalia, Jennifer, Jo , Andrea, Yeshi, Kunchok, Pema, Mitchell.
Extra special thanks to Majella and Julian for offering your hands, hearts and minds in helping to bring this out of my imagination into the world.
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