Jeu Kumite reflects on the use of technology as prosthesis in digital performance and asks what kind of rules might pertain in a landscape affected by the exchanges of pressure and control within karate.
How could this poetic narrative of change and transformation between the performers be interpreted through biosensory output and translated into a new aesthetic within a digital landscape. The final performance strips bare the qualities of kumite, engaging the audience in a sensual experience of kumite from within.

Jeu Kumite proposes a world that is responsive to the participants’ gestural communication that is interpreted specifically through key states-of-being.
To elaborate, when a karate-ka is in control of the fight, and they feel strong, and at ease, almost as though they are manipulating the other person. This state can usually be observed as forward actions, similar to the leader in a dance, and the confidence to engage in attacks towards the other person. In contrast to this state, the karate-ka could be in the position where they are the one being controlled and made to feel vulnerable. This is manifested in the performer’s actions and can be observed as waiting for the other person to engage first, applying shorter movements or incomplete attacks and a delayed reaction to the opponent’s attacks. The nature of competition between the performers makes their mental state observable as they express their internal condition physically.

The work was exhibited as part of the College of Fine Arts Honours Exhibition in 2010, "The Final Word" at 2nd the Ivan Dougherty Gallery in Paddington, Sydney Australia.
Artist: Kristina Mah
Supervisor: Petra Gemeinboeck
Sound Design: Reyne House
Performers: Fotios Barounis and Kristina Mah
Many thanks to, Petra, Rob Saunders, Konstantinos Papanikolaou, Patrick Wang, Foti  Barounis and Reyne House.

The work is a Real-Time Interactive New Media Performance. The hardware used was: 2x 3D-GForce sensors - from the iCube-X sensor kit, 2x MacBookPro laptops, 2x Digital Projectors mounted to the ceiling of the space, 4x4 tatami/ martial arts mats fixed on the floor, Sound system and speakers. The customised interface was developed in Processing.
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