"Building on previous laboratories 2012-2017 which were led with Frank van de Ven (Body Weather Amsterdam), Tess will again share with participants new aspects from the legacy of images that were an integral part of BodyWeather training and performances within MAI-JUKU, Min Tanka’s performance group in Japan from 1984-1991.
Images were a key choreographic method for the company. Through the construction of precise and varied environments, infinite layers of relationship were explored through the body and the imagination, enabling physics to meet poetry.
Besides a rigorous introduction to the strategies of the practice and to a rich range of specific images, the workshop will also encourage the development of individual images by participants.
As a culmination to this process, a public SYMPOSIUM on the Sunday will show the images developed during the lab as performances and open up the process to audiences for exchange, feedback and discussion."
Image: "Following the finger", Image Lab performance 6 March 2022. Copyright 2022 Vsevolod Vlaskine. All rights reserved.
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