Kristina Mah (born in Manila, Philippines) is a new media artist, researcher, and karate-ka living and working on Gadigal-Wangal land (Sydney), Australia. Her work is positioned at the intersection of philosophy, science, art, and design. Her research draws inspiration from ancient wisdom traditions and emphasises embodied ways of knowing and lived experience. She integrates somatic, contemplative, and movement-based practices as modalities of understanding wisdom and compassion for art and design. Her creative art practice draws on ritual, gesture and movement, cosmology, and mystic symbolism to inform tangible, spatial, and sensory experiences and embodied narratives. Her work combines video, photography, mixed media, and interactive technologies addressing the nature of consciousness and being, agency, and compassion within social, cultural and ecological contexts.
Kristina has a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy and French Studies) and a Bachelor of Design Computing from The University of Sydney. She completed a year at the College of Fine Arts (now Art and Design) at The University of New South Wales, graduating with first-class honours. In Spring 2023, Kristina graduated from The University of Sydney with a PhD in human-computer interaction. She has published in the Journal of the Association of Computing Machinery, Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), Interactions Magazine, and top-tier international conferences in human-computer interaction. Her artwork has been exhibited in Australia and Singapore.
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